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John Tower Mentorship Club
POC: Joshua Hickman
Phone: 940-676-5464
Come out and read a book to John Tower Elementary students 

Every school day from 0720-0750

Leadership Pathways 
POC: MSgt John Guerra
Registrar: MSgt Kennedy
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Wichita Falls
Focused on "recruiting, developing, and preparing individuals for civic leadership while providing a foundation and ongoing opportunities for community involvement." There are many Sheppard AFB members, AD and retired that are Leadership Wichita Falls Alumni. 
The Junior League of Wichita Falls
POC: Shannon Liard
Email: [email protected]
"The Junior League of Wichita Falls is a diverse and dynamic group of talented women who share a common desire to improve the quality of life in Wichita Falls.  They are committed to supporting a number of community projects, both through financial provision as well as volunteer assistance. With over 380 active, provisional anD sustaining members, the organization contributes over 17,000 volunteer hours and $100,000 annually to the community. Projects are selected by the membership based on need, and focus primarily on the areas of youth and human services."

Please note: Applicants are only selected once a year.

Toastmasters of Instruction 
POC:  Mike Battaglino
Phone:  860-573-9025
Email:  [email protected]
Website:   Facebook​
Toastmasters is a world leader in communication and leadership development.  Here at the Toastmasters of Instruction, Sheppard's very own Toastmasters Club, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide a supportive and positive learning experience to help members with personal growth.   Members can expect to develop their communication and leadership skills, improve their self-confidence, and simply have a great time!  Our activities include planned speeches, TableTopic impromptu speeches, and friendly conversation.  There are positions available within the Club to further develop your leadership skills, and guests are always welcome to attend and see if the Club fits for them.  Swing by and check us out!​

Meetings times: The first wednesday of each month at 1200

TBW: Texas Business Women
POC: Shannon Liard
Email: [email protected]
Wichita Falls TBW is all about empowering women of our city. We are here to support one another toward success in the workplace and at home. Our regular meetings are the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at Jason’s Deli in Parker Square (2907 Garnett Ave.), Wichita Falls, Texas 76308. Visitors are always welcome! View our calendar for more information about dates and times.

Toastmasters of Instruction 
POC:  SSgt Peter Ruiz
Phone:   676-0080
Email:   p[email protected]
Do you want to learn more about leadership?  Do you want to be an effective leader?  Well, then Brewing Leadership is for you! 

The purpose of Brewing Leadership is to discuss leadership as a whole pertaining to the military and entrepreneurship.  Brewing Leadership will be an informal open discussion over drinks to discuss leadership from various perspectives.  As a leader can be any rank, title, gender or position, we want to foster an open environment to discuss what leadership means to everyone at different levels in order to gain a diverse perspective and understanding about what leadership is and what leaders do in order to be effective. 

As we focus on various topics, questions, examples, tools and theories on leadership our mission is to create a culture of leadership development through perspective learning.  Our vision is to grow as leaders and followers by learning from the values, experience and knowledge of the people around us.
Recommended number is 6-12 people each group.  If number exceeds 12, split in half.   

Locations may change in future so keep an eye out.  There is no obligation to remain at each session.  You are free to come and go as your schedule allows.  We can be a great community of leaders and every community needs effective leaders.  Let’s bring leadership to the table and talk about it over drinks.
Brewing Leadership (coffee session)
Location: BrewU (bring lunch if you’d like)
Time: 1100-1200
Date: 3rd Thursday of the month

Brewing Leadership (drink of preference)
Location: Sheppard Club (enlisted/officer club)
Time: 1730-1830
Date: 3rd Thursday of the Month

- Brief introduction
- Bring something to take notes
- Keep discussion focused on leadership
- No complaints! This is not a complain session, it’s a time to learn and grow
- Do not listen to debate, listen to learn
- Do not interrupt
- Do not dominate the conversation
- Network
- Ask questions and spark curiosity
- Have fun!