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Road Bike Club
Road Bike POC:  Joe Rock
Phone: 940-676-7909 
Email: [email protected]
There is a road group ride every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The group leaves the building 922 parking lot ~1615. The route is a loop around the base inside the fence. The distance for each lap is approximately 10 miles. The rides are no drop (A.K.A. "No man or woman left behind"). Beginner riders normally hang in for one lap and advanced riders will continue on for more. March through November we have ad hoc weekend rides varying from 20 to 50 miles. The weekend rides are also no drop although we may split into groups depending on experience/speed.  There are also area rides several members get together to ride such as the German Fest @ Muenster, the Byers Bash, the Duncan Dehydrator, and the HH100 to mention a few. Wichita Falls has one of the premier, in city, mountain bike trails in the

Mountain Bike Club
POC: Larry Brown​
Phone: 940-676-1649  
Email: [email protected]
​We have a Group ride every Sunday (Weather and trail conditions permitting) at 1400 leaving from the Endurance House Satellite store on Wichita Street.  (used to be Riverside Cycle Center).  All skill levels can attend and if you are new to the Wee-Chi-Tah Trail, someone will be glad to show you the route.  Wee-Chi-Tah trail is an urban running and MTB trail approx. 11 miles long that starts at Berends Landing, follows the Wee-Chi-Tah river to Camp Fillers (across from Lucy park) and has 5 miles  of single track in the camp with obstacles such as raised trail system Highway to Heaven, Blind Pig Bridge, Rock Chipper, Don's Bowl,  numerous tree gates, drops and many more. Black Diamond obstacles have cut outs for novice riders.  Make sure you have a helmet, water, and slimed tires.  We normally regroup at three locations along the way so that all skill levels can meet up again.  Camp Fillers also has a Wrong Way Wednesday. Signs are posted at the entrance and exit of Camp Fillers so that riders know to go backwards on the trail on Wednesday.  If you only want to ride Camp Fillers , park at the Texas Visitors center just south of Iowa Park Road and ride north along the sidewalk to the railroad tracks.  This is the entrance to camp fillers. If you have questions, feel free to call me.  Also pass this on to any MTBers  out there you might know.
Wichita Falls Biking Club
"The Wichita Falls Bicycling Club (WFBC) is a membership-driven community organization dedicated to the sport of bicycling in Wichita Falls, TX."  They "Support, encourage, and advocate for bicycling in Wichita Falls, TX"

Wichita Falls Running Club
New runners and seasoned vetrans welcome. Weekly group runs available for all skill levels.  Many members train together for specific races, be it, 5Ks, 10Ks, Half Marathons, Full Marathons and even Ultra Marathons (any race over 26.2 miles)! Other join to be held accountable for getting out side to run, while others simply enjoy the social aspect. Make new friends, enhance your fitness and have a great time doing it.  

Clay Shooting Club
POC:  Joe Rock
Phone: 940-676-7909

​SAFB has a gun club offering trap, skeet, and 5-stand.  The range has shotguns to rent or bring your own. They are open Thursday 1630  to sunset and Saturday/Sunday 0900-1800.  They also provide ammunition or you can bring your own.  You will have to read and sign a safety letter that will familiarize you with the range rules.  As the club POC, I invite you to shoot with me on Thursday afternoons.  In the past we have had league competitions and if there is enough interest, we will start them up again. The Field and Stream gun club is another local venue that offers trap, skeet, and 5-stand.  They are open for business on Wednesday evenings, Saturday morning, and Sunday afternoons.  They also offer sporting clays a month.  Sporting clays is an event that simulates hunting conditions on a closed course.  A sporting clay event consists of 100 targets thrown in singles or pairs.  If you have never done sporting clays, it is a challenge and tons of fun.  Several SAFB personnel (military/civilian/contractors) shoot at Field and Stream. There are also several local charity sporting clay events that happen every year.
Streams and Valleys
"Streams and Valleys welcomes nature enthusiasts, off road runners and riders to use the Wee-Chi-Tah trail.  It was named the “Best Urban Off Road Trail in Texas” by the Subaru Trail Doctors who work for Texas Parks and Wildlife.   The trail is wild so use it at your own risk!" This is an amazing organization that is the focal point for the Duel Marathon, BMX track and Center of Gravity climbing gym.  Many leadership and volunteer opportunities!  Check out their Facebook and website today!
 Texoma Airsoft
POC: Tim Torres
Phone: (940)224-9078
Email: [email protected]
Whether a beginner,  experienced player, mil-sim junkie, or just wanting to try a new action sport, Texoma Airsoft is a club for airsoft enthusiasts who wish to meet up for games or training.    We pride ourselves on sportsmanship, comradery, and having fun.  We post on Facebook when we’re having local skirmishes, going on a road trip to Oklahoma or DFW, or occasional Op.  Call, text or email, if you have any questions.

Sheppard Bass Fishing Club
Name: Sheppard Bass Anglers
POC:  Joshua Mash, Phone:  814-421-8677, Email:  [email protected]
POC:  Ron Sangston, Phone:  530-788-8830, Email:  [email protected]
Facebook Page:  Sheppard Bass Anglers
Sheppard Bass Anglers was created to bring a closer association of those persons interested in bass fishing.  We are a family friendly club that built its foundation on sportsmanship, conservation, competition and information sharing.  Sheppard Bass Anglers is for those members who have base access (Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Contractor, Retired).  While we may make friends on the water, the Sheppard Bass Anglers club will belong to those who have served.  We fish monthly team tournaments on local area lakes to have FUN, catch fish and improve our fishing skills...but most of all, to determine bragging rights.  We foster a competitive spirit but also actively promote learning and teaching fishing experience to others. While we promote "team" tournaments, you always have the option of fishing solo.  At the base level we are working with local agencies to create/improve base fishing opportunities.
If you have any questions please contact our POCs or check out our Facebook page.

Thank You!

Wichita Falls Adult Hockey Players
POC: Michael A. Cartone
Phone: 676-9233
Email: [email protected]

The Wichita Falls Adult Hockey Players are looking for people on base who play Ice Hockey (and also own equipment) and would be interested in playing Ice Hockey at Kay Yaeger Coliseum each week during the hockey season.  There are skaters from Sheppard, Wichita Falls and Lawton that come out to play.  Currently, we play every Sunday for approximately $15-$20 to cover the ice rental fees (times vary).  If interested in playing pickup Ice Hockey downtown during the winter months, please join the facebook group 'Wichita Falls Adult Hockey Players' and tell us you are interested in playing!  You can also email me at [email protected] for more information.  Thank you!

Sheppard Soccer Club
POC: Ethan Ashton
Phone: 520-561-6487
Click title for Facebook site

A club that plays pick up games, indoor, outdoor, turf/grass and street style soccer. A place to meet others who like to play/watch soccer!