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Ham Radio Club

POC: Brent Boydston
Phone: 940-676-7184
Email: [email protected]
Email2: [email protected] 

Amateur radio is the Original Social Media.  Ham or amateur radio ranges from cell phone based applications (which allow you to talk and send data all over the world to thousand-watt stations (which allow you to talk and send data all over the world.)  Ham radio is employed to establish and maintain communications during natural and man made disasters. There are a number of organized emergency exercises which allow hams to set up and run their com operations in Spartan, self-sustaining field settings. Ham radio goes great with camping, hunting, 4X4 operations, hiking as well as hanging out with friends in the dorm.  It is governed by the Federal Communications Commission and requires some small amount of equipment, licensure, training and education.  This isn't your Grandfather's CB radio! 
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