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Sheppard 41 
Auto Enthusiasts
POC: Allen Orr
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Email: [email protected]
Email 2:  [email protected]
Welcome everyone.!  I'm the contact for the auto Sheppard's premier auto enthusiast club. Please feel free to hang out at an event, check out the atmosphere & talk with fellow enthusiasts.
Sheppard41 is a community of car enthusiasts who share a common interest in maintaining and/or upgrading vehicle performance, audio, and vehicular aesthetics. We will also organize meets, events, cruises, car shows, and any other automobile related activity.  When equipment and service tools are available for members we can assist each other with DIY work, or community service activities. We welcome all makes and models, new or old, and all different kinds of builds from daily drivers to full race spec vehicles.

Background:  I helped the start of the parent club (Seymour42) in North Carolina back in 2014.  Today that club has almost 300 members!  Please help me bring a strong car scene to the Wichita Falls/Texoma area.  

The name of the club is derived from the name of the military member whom the base was named after and the year the base was activated."

Sheppard Military Jeepers
POCs: Daniel Cole
            Adam Kates
            Sheila Hipp
            Destinee Vickers
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Sheppard Military Jeepers intends to provide a Family Friendly Jeep Club
specifically for Jeep owners that are serving or have served in a branch ofthe United States Military.  The Sheppard Military Jeep Club is for those members who have base access (Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Contractor, Retired). While we may make friends on the trail the Sheppard Military Jeep Club will belong to those who have served. Members are encourage to share information about local clubs, events, sites they find useful, and generally exchange information about their Jeeps. The Military Jeepers club is a national organization established in December 2007 and the membership consists of more than 10,500 Jeep owners currently serving or a veteran of a branch of the United States military. It does not matter what model of Jeep vehicle you own or if you already belong to a local Jeep club, as long as you satisfy the requirements listed below you are welcome to join Military Jeepers.
Requirements to Join:
In order to join Sheppard Military Jeepers we require that you satisfy the following requirements.

1. You must be serving in or have served in the United States Military. (United States: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard)
2. You must own a Jeep vehicle.
Texoma Off-Road Club
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Do you enjoy crawling in the mud, inching your way up rock formations?  If your into 4x4 off road adventures, this club if for you.

Sheppard Enduro Riders Club
POCs: Ken Jubala
[email protected]
J.D. Wallis

Are you looking for a group of people that like to ride dirt bikes off-road? You've come to the right place! The Sheppard Enduro Club is foucused on settin up rides in the local area and beyond. If you are interested pleas find us on our facebook page.
Green Knights Motorcycle Club Chapter 54
Facebook:  click here
Website: click here

International Military Motorcycle Club 

County Corvette Association
POC:  Mike Wenk
Phone: 940-676-6774
Email: [email protected]
​The Wichita County Corvette Association (WCCA) is a family oriented organization that provides its members fun, fellowship, and the opportunity to service others since it was founded in 1978.  Our members are Corvette enthusiasts located in and around the Wichita Falls area of North Texas. Like the Corvettes we drive, WCCA members, regardless of our build date, are all young at heart.

The WCCA has become one of the most recognized automobile clubs in the North Texas area.  The activities of the club promote safe and courteous driving, are family oriented and above all FUN!  We are sponsored by well-known and
respected businesses and are "Texas Proud" to be associated with them.  We take pride in our cars and our community as demonstrated by our many local events.  The North Texas Corvette Roundup has become one of the leading Corvette events in the southwest United States and keeps growing each year. The future looks promising for the continued growth of our organization and we remain committed to preserving and showing the only American-made sports car that stands alone at the top "CORVETTE."
Meets: First Thursday of Each Month